Beyond the depth of me

I am full of truth and wonder; my eyes see so much more than what is just in front of me. The vision that I have runs deeper than just what is on the surface of all things. I know now that I have a purpose in this life, in this world. I see; that purpose as something that is more than I ever imagined it could be, I see that in me. I see that I am worth any thing and that in order to achieve, I must believe. It all starts inside of me. I am the one who determines what I have, when I have it, how I get it and why I need it. I am beyond my depth, beyond my dreams, beyond my hopes, and I shape my destiny. I see my strength as the focus of all things, building myself more and more. If I am strong within myself, I am strong for anything else.

I see the courage it takes inside to live each day to my full potential and to never give up or give in and to always give my all at everything. I see someone amazing inside of me, someone who is part of this puzzle we call life and someone who makes a difference. I am unique and different and without me here in this life, its not living.

I’m not rushing to get through it … I’m excited to get to it!

How do you see your depth?

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