A look inside

When I look into your eyes, deep into your soul … I see myself in the deepest part of you. I see a passion burning inside so warm like the blazing sun. Sometimes I make myself believe that it’s only for me, that I’m the only one. I see the strength and courage that it takes to make you … I see the love and desire within that takes you. I see someone I only created in my dreams; a dream I’ve always dreamed would come true … you. I see myself with you, not just now or for the moment but forever … and forever isn’t long enough. I see a feeling inside you that you keep hidden away, it’s there but you won’t let it come to the surface and take control … a feeling so strong, so pure and so perfect … a feeling of love. I see how happy you are, not just on the surface but deep inside you have a happy soul … that makes me have faith that it is very possible and I keep dreaming. I want to be everything you ever imagine, that someone that completes you not just satisfies you. Someone who you can tell anything to and know that you can trust them no matter what. I want to be more than you ever dreamed I would be. If you look into my eyes, deep into my soul … you’ll see in the deepest part of me …

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