The rain drop kiss

The drops start to fall
one by one down
two drops collide
before falling to the ground

They unite together as one
like two connecting souls
not needing anything more
until the magical moment is done

They’ve danced this way
a thousand times before
always finding their way
every time it pours

drops continue to fall
resting with the others
in the puddle below
that’s only for the lovers

True loves destiny
started just like this
two dancing lovers
sharing the rain drop kiss

You & I

The whispers of your voice
fall quietly in my ear
the touch of your hands
gently caress my skin
the taste of your mouth
still lingering on my own

In this very moment
you are only mine
in this very moment
we stop the hands of time

To be hidden beneath
the surface of our passion burning
to crawl inside our souls
both that are yearning

In this very moment
I am only yours
in this very moment
you could want nothing more

Secluded in silence

Just you & I


Dancing under the moonlit sky
I had a dance with a firefly
buzzing and twirling all around me
lighting up the world for me to see

Opening my eyes to the beauty around
showing me a place that I’ve never found
a world full of wonder and imagination
a night full of dreams and anticipation

Our dream takes us on a ride
soaring us so high, feeling so alive
the moments quickly turn into memories
allowing us to fully believe.

The night starts to fade
and the promise begins of a new day
the music still plays in my head
as I lay awake in my bed

Dancing under the sunlit sky
I shared a dance with a firefly
I can’t wait for night to fall tonight
hoping again to see the blinking light.


I never wanted to change for you
But I did it anyway. I said I never
Would, I swore until my dying day

I never wanted to change directions
But somehow I did, got lost along
The way, scared, and confused
I only ran and hid

I never wanted to see myself
Especially through my own eyes
To many changes had been made
And way too many lies

I never wanted to change for you
But I did it anyway, but now I’m back
To me, the way I was, before I changed that day