unloved is what I feel
when I am looking back at you
unloved is what I am
when there’s nothing left to feel

scared and
confined and

unloved is what I feel
when I look inside myself
unloved is what I am
when there’s nothing left to feel

With you

I’d walk with you
hand in hand
for the rest of our days
and if by chance
our hearts do meet
before the end of time
I’ll be right there
walking hand in hand
yours and mine

The rain drop kiss

The drops start to fall
one by one down
two drops collide
before falling to the ground

They unite together as one
like two connecting souls
not needing anything more
until the magical moment is done

They’ve danced this way
a thousand times before
always finding their way
every time it pours

drops continue to fall
resting with the others
in the puddle below
that’s only for the lovers

True loves destiny
started just like this
two dancing lovers
sharing the rain drop kiss

In my lifetime

Our eyes meet and we share a lifetime in that one single moment
A moment of love and desire, a single moment shared between us
A moment of touching each others soul without spoken words
A moment of knowing that before your eyes is your world

I touch your face so softly wanting you to feel so complete
Complete with only me, with the love I have for you
It’s burning so deep inside of me, so deep inside my soul
So strong and powerful, so passionate and whole

I want you and nothing more, a lifetime with you
sharing, dreaming, laughing and loving
Knowing that we belong together
knowing that in my lifetime my moment is with you

The lines upon your face

The lines upon your face
they make me sad
if only they could tell the many life stories
that are locked away inside

The many life events
that go unspoken.
tragedy’s that turn into insecurities.
Moments that don’t ever last
but long enough to say goodbye
moments that you have to steal
to feel alive

The lines upon your face
they make me smile
if only they could tell the many life stories
that are written on the outside.

The moments that leave you breathless
gasping uncontrollably for air
moments that are given
when no one is watching
the ones that tell the truth
behind the eyes.
The ones that allow your soul to forgive
the sins and lies.

The lines upon your face
are the lines of life


In the shadow of my silence
is where I find myself
buried deep inside
like a hidden treasure

can you see the depths of my soul
when it’s hidden from the world?
or are you still searching
trying to find my core?

I exist only for you
a lover that’s forgiven
casting me aside
for a love that’s forbidden

my love for you
was etched in stone
even long before
our secrets searched alone

I see only in color
when I look through your eyes
the shades of black and white
only fade when I close mine.

You & I

The whispers of your voice
fall quietly in my ear
the touch of your hands
gently caress my skin
the taste of your mouth
still lingering on my own

In this very moment
you are only mine
in this very moment
we stop the hands of time

To be hidden beneath
the surface of our passion burning
to crawl inside our souls
both that are yearning

In this very moment
I am only yours
in this very moment
you could want nothing more

Secluded in silence

Just you & I

Our Song

Lying here with you listening to the soft beating of your heart. Gentle and sweet. It’s like waves crashing onto the shore of the beach. Peaceful and pure. Visions of us begin to dance in my head as the song starts to play. I can hear the melody inside of your soul. A song that plays only for me. Our souls reach out and connect, we escape into each other. We escape into this other world where we go to be alone together, our own place. In this very moment we become one, dancing, connecting, and loving. I feel as if our song will never end and we will forever feel so connected and in love. There is no other I’d rather dance with then you, no other moment I’d rather be in than this one, and no other song I’d rather dance to … than the one that your soul plays for only me.

Lying here with you listening to the soft beating of your heart, all my dreams come true, right here with you.