Broken wings
shattered dreams
so many unanswered things
nothing is as it seems
Is it?

Do we learn from our past
or continue to look back
nothing really does last
in a world that moves too fast
Does it?

There is so much inside of me
so much you can’t see
I can’t ever be free
if I really don’t believe
Can I?

It’s hard to breathe
when all I do is dream
so many forbidden things
only on broken wings


I’m dreaming out loud, trying to drown out the sound of my shattered heart as it hits the ground.  Breaking into a million little pieces for you … for me … for the entire world to see.  I’m here.

I hate the way I can’t breathe when you’re not around.  I love the way I scream inside to have you near.  Giving almost anything to stop all the tears.  I’m there

We’re all a little broken, damaged inside, no reason why except the need to hide.  Behind the eyes, beneath the lies.  If only the world could stop and turn the other way, we might just find ourselves again someday.

Inside out … upside down, my whole world is spinning around.  So fast and so out of control it’s taking all I have to keep hold.  I’m lost.

I’m dreaming out loud as I lie here in bed, I try not to make a sound for all I want to hear is this beautiful intense dream in my head, and let all the memories fall all around.  I’m found.

Dance with me

Our bodies come together, united … here we are tonight.  We look into each others eyes and know that no other moment could ever replace this exact one.  No words are spoken for there are none that could make us feel anything else for each other than what we do right now.  What we feel is beyond being able to be expressed by words, but more by an emotional dance.

Tonight is our night to capture a moment that sometimes is left unspoken, a moment to share the depths of ones soul.  To capture the heart of the one you love and the one who loves you.  Two hearts, two lives … one night … tonight.

The music makes love to our soul, slowly working its way in, touching places inside ourselves we never knew still existed. A place that we’ve hidden from the rest of the world, a place to be explored.  Our bodies move in rhythm to the music in the night, hand in hand, cheek to cheek … the night is ours … it belongs to only us.

Dreaming a memory

I woke in the middle of the night
the sound of your voice calling my name
could that really be you tonight
or is my mind playing tricks, driving me insane

My eyes search every part of this place
hoping to find even a part of you there
even if it’s only your beautiful face
just something to remind me that you care

I drift back off to find the dream of you
my thoughts get lost in it all so fast
I really thought you were here too
but I guess that’s all a memory past

It all comes back to make me believe
that nothing is lost, we just need to see
that all it takes is a bond so strong
and an unconditional love for dreaming a memory

In a moments time

In a moments time
everything changes
in a moments time
no more exchanges

You walk away
without a goodbye
the feeling overwhelms me
I can’t even cry

In a moments time
everything is ok
in a moments time
it’s the only way

It’s so weird that
you were never here
I recall so little
as I wipe the tears

In a moments time
everything is the same
in a moments time
no one is to blame


Goodbyes are never easy
I’ve said it through and through
it’s especially hard this time
because it has to do with you

I never wanted this to happen
but I knew the day would come
there were so many broken promises
too many to be undone

You’ve become someone I don’t know
like a shadow lurking in the night
lost and searching for something more
perhaps a new life

I guess this is goodbye
there’s nothing left to say
I wish you all the best
hoping you find your way

I turn and walk away
the tears stinging my eyes
turning back only once
to mirror my own eyes

……….. goodbye…………………