In a moments time

In a moments time
everything changes
in a moments time
no more exchanges

You walk away
without a goodbye
the feeling overwhelms me
I can’t even cry

In a moments time
everything is ok
in a moments time
it’s the only way

It’s so weird that
you were never here
I recall so little
as I wipe the tears

In a moments time
everything is the same
in a moments time
no one is to blame


Goodbyes are never easy
I’ve said it through and through
it’s especially hard this time
because it has to do with you

I never wanted this to happen
but I knew the day would come
there were so many broken promises
too many to be undone

You’ve become someone I don’t know
like a shadow lurking in the night
lost and searching for something more
perhaps a new life

I guess this is goodbye
there’s nothing left to say
I wish you all the best
hoping you find your way

I turn and walk away
the tears stinging my eyes
turning back only once
to mirror my own eyes

……….. goodbye…………………